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Venturi, Scott-Brown and Walt

A sample from the excellent article in Metropolis Magazine by Robert Venturi, discussing Disney’s Pop Century resort. The full article is here. But let us remember that throughout the history of architecture and urbanism, iconography has always dominated the scene, instructing and persuading us with its religious and civic content in ways no different from […]

re-de-construction More than 50 students, from Fine Art and Architecture at the University of Newcastle and Newcastle College, formed two groups of builders who constructed and de-constructed two identical shells of House simultaneously for 22 hours. The shells were built out of bricks and mortar up to first floor level and juxtaposed with each other […]


Free concert, March 30th, at the MAC in Birmingham. The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Dare you miss it? Purists: prepare to do battle. The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain challenge the complex world with their simplicity and prove that both anything can be played on the uke, and that the uke can play anything. […]

Poetic promenade

This morning, a hard won Google discovery finally delivered the information I needed about a landscaping project called Yoga Promenade by Team Zoo architects from Japan. The images confirmed what we expected and will be useful inspiration for a project we’re currently working on that will include some sustainable drainage proposals. However, the pleasure of […]


Still not quite getting the Chinese Dumplings right. Last time I ended up making the dough too thick around the pork and it didn’t cook through properly. Next time I’m going to try a different dough recipe that doesn’t use oil or egg. Found this one at a different site: Jiaozi dough 3 cups flour […]

404 WMD

Just been passed this via a friend, via Radio 2, and I’ve passed it on to Head over to Google and type in ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ and then press the ‘I feel lucky’ button. Some interesting links to some books and DVDs over at Amazon and an astute business move at the bottom […]


Q: Where can we explore the complex to make things clear? @:UCE The University of Central England has excelled itself once more. Not only does the latest advert look as bad as all the previous ones, it barely even makes sense the first time you read it. The colour balance is wrong, the composition is […]

Dont forget the route, Ginger

Saturday night’s visitors, Simon and Gemma, got to sample my cullinary skills. Inspired by the comical name for the new wine bar on Ludgate Hill in Birmingham – ‘Mongolian and Motown’ – I decided to try the Mongolian Beef recipe submitted to everything2: Ingredients 1 lb fillet or sirloin steak 3 tablespoons groundnut oil/vegetable oil […]

Ig Nobel tour dates

Coming to Birmingham on the 20th March, to be held at Millennium Point. There will apparently be guest appearances by members of the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists. Could be worth the entrance fee just for that.

Weetabix Club no longer exists

Found in an old box and posted here for posterity (with additional hyperlinks) before I consign it to the waste basket. The date is the 7th November 1988… Dear Robert, Thank you for your letter regarding the Weetabix Club. Since we started the Club in 1983, it has grown so quickly that it is now […]