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ooh, I just checked out, veerrry interesting. Downloadable content and links for your PDA, I’m off to dig deeper…

Vanity project

The name of this blog is born of the recognition that all blogs are to some extent a vanity project (and the fact that I need somewhere to store ideas and links); No, too self / Note to self. Palmpixel over at MoblogUK agrees, adding; Vanity project or abjectly yet self referentially depressed goth pointing […]

You’ll have had your tea

My boss has just returned from a weekend in his home country, bringing with him a national delicacy – the Scottish Buttery. He brought a pack into the office this morning and we had them lightly toasted with marmalade. They were absolutely delicious. Especially when washed down with my new tipple – white tea. So […]

A squirrel and a mole

Yesterday morning I got an e-mail from Joel at to tell me that he’d posted a new entry to his journal. This is great news. It’s one of the few sites I actually read, rather than scan as you spin the wheel on your mouse. You should all pay him a visit. Four hours, […]