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toss your salad

I’m missing my daily reading slot now that I’ve started driving to work instead of taking the tram. However, Radio 4 is providing an adequate substitute as I drive along the M6 hoping not to get stuck in a jam. This week’s Start the Week program had some fascinating guests on it. Two of which […]

Fettuccine spinaci e pollo

I cooked this a few weeks ago when Mike and Libby came over one evening, but haven’t had chance to write it up until now. Since I’ve been trying a few dishes from Asia recently, I decided to switch location and move to Italy. I’m a sucker for any pasta dish, and I think Mike […]

More mash please

Following the previous post, here’s a link to a entry – it seems MTV are joining this band wagon too. Here in the UK, the Q music channel has also had a mash up feature for some time.