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Everyday Matters. a series of occasional essays on creative things, journal making, drawing,etc. Web log by Danny Gregory – some delicious pen and watercolour drawings to be found here MicroSky ‘ …MicroSky is a freeware planetarium for mobile/cell phones with Java-support and a connection to the internet…’ Ferguson Hill speakers 166cm tall, 8mm thick toughened […]

Part 3

Posted mainly as a gift to my friend Rob S, but also as an offering to any architecture students who happen to Google for RIBA Part 3 Management Papers, I give you my own paper from last year’s exam (PDF link). Warning A: If you are not an architecture student taking your part 3 exam, […]


Predictably, my comments in the AJ a few weeks ago prompted a response in this weeks edition from Thom Gorst. Yes, the University of Central England in Birmingham is likely to be the university that Phillip Singleton left out when implying that the city had only two universities (AJ 29.04.04). We are the university that […]