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LOVEFiLM Rent DVDs online BioRegional: First One Planet Living community launched in Portugal The world’s first large-scale eco-friendly tourism Paul Ramirez-Jonas – Heavier than Air ‘…Rich in romantic overtones they depict the isolated artist in an expansive landscape, the guide rope appearing like an umbilical cord connecting body to air…’ – coming to the Ikon […]

Rationalist Annual

I bought this a few years ago and then promptly forgot about it until this evening when I walked past my book shelf. I turned to the essay with the most promising title – Aesthetic Experience and the Problem of Evil by Margaret Knight – and found this: The basic principle of ethics states that […]


Since a few visitors to the site have recently commented on my lack of comments, I’ve decided to add the necessary plugin to allow people to write responses and leave trackback connections. The result – writebacks – can be seen at the bottom of each entry and you can click on it to read or […]


I’ve been reading Peter Tesugen’s blog for several weeks now, so I was both surprised and delighted to find my own words staring back at me a couple of days ago. For those of you who haven’t read my previous entry, it would do you no harm to just visit Peter’s entry instead, as he […]