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on strike

As you’ve probably noticed, <strike>strike</strike> is my favourite HTML tag


A quick trip to my error log has highlighted some bad links and a few people who are probably cursing me. I’ve fixed the two offending items. Firstly, for those of you who were curious enough to click on the ‘…exactly what I do on a daily basis…’ link in the design codes entry, you […]

do what?

Just fixed the broken link in the exactly what I do on a daily basis comment. Click away.

can we fix it?

I just fixed the writeback option on the links – I was right, it had something to do with the numeric file titles

LUG Radio

Out last night at Geek H.Q. with the guys and girl from the Wolverhampton LUG. It was a busy meet, with a few new members and a guest appearance from some of the Birmingham Perl Mongers. I was careful to keep quiet about the fact that it’s actually been weeks since I booted into Linux, […]