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ok, ok – I’m an idiot. The link was wrong before, all fixed now. Try again.


jessicapierce says “Oh! I meant to tell you yesterday – it did come, only it didn’t… I received one of those dreaded over-envelopes from the post office, marked on the outside with “we screwed this up, sorry” – and inside was your envelope, almost ripped in half, mangled and empty except for a bit of […]

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Alfie’s recent guest blog over at has reminded me that I should do my bit to promote the fantastic MoblogUK – a resource for blogging your mobile phone camera shots. I registered yonks ago when it was first getting off the ground, but as usual it languished in my bookmarks for far too long. […]


It’s always good for the ego when a blog you’ve been enjoying for a while takes the time to wave back at you from their side of the information superhighway*. Hello to anyone who got here via the always informative I’ve posted an entry about the name of this blog before, but reading the […]

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And here’s why I’m really starting to enjoy this blogging business: the web editor