Rodeohead rides to the BBC

June 9th, 2004

The wonderful Rodeohead by Hard ‘n Phirm has made it all the way to John Peel on Radio 1.

It went like this: Sean points it out to Xeni over at I read it, and as a longstanding Radiohead fan, I follow the link and download it. I listen to it and I laugh. I laugh so hard that tears well in my eyes. I wipe them dry and when my sides stop aching I e-mail Mike Phirman from the band and thank him. Then I e-mail John Peel at the BBC and suggest he plays it on the radio.

I tell Mike about my e-mail and he says:

Right on! Thanks, Rob. We really appreciate that. Hopefully it will get all the way to the lads themselves!


Then John e-mails to say that he can’t play mp3s on air. Yesterday I sent him a copy on CDR. As I type this, to my absolute delight, John is playing it. Hard ‘n Phirm have got some much deserved UK air time and I got to send a message to John thanking him for teaching me about Half Man Half Biscuit a few years ago.

I think that’s called a win, win.

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