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For completeness, here’s a list of tribes that I follow on (except for all you lazy oiks who just read me via RSS, who’ll see absolutely nothing)


Whilst there’s plenty I dislike about the Bullring shopping centre, I should point out that the linear mall that stretches across the site is actually quite successful. The proportions are good and the voids between floors make for good views across the different levels. From a couple of places you can also see parts of […]


As I pressed the send button on my ftp program for this entry, my ArchNewsNow e-mail landed simultaneously in my inbox. It points me to Whatever happened to Canadian understatement? by Hugh Pearman.


Will Alsop’s modelling department must get through a helluva lot of cocktail sticks.

code speak

Apart from the fact that documents like the one I’m about to quote are beginning to state the blindingly obvious, it’s also becoming necessary to talk them up their importance a little: This appendix to the B_ S_ Housing Market Renewal Prospectus sets out the strategic design strategies that will help deliver these objectives on […]

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