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My Kwiki: Phlog ‘…This plugin adds photo capabilities to your Blosxom blog. It makes entries out of photos or includes photos in entries…’ delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

press coverage

A copy of an article in The Independant from June 4th 2004 can be found here. It has an interesting quote, cited as being taken from a web site somewhere. This was raw. There was no night, no unison, (except in self awareness). No way to defuse one’s silent twitching with a laugh/joke/anecdote/drink. It was …

that rings a bull

An iframe test, this could get ugly1. see the complete project here. 1. but only if you visit the site, as there is a Romulan cloaking device cast over the RSS feed on this one.


Just remembered that I have some pics of the interior here.

a task worth trying

Last week, an interesting exchange about Regent Street in London, between John Massengale’s Veritas et Venustas and Peter Lindberg’s, prompted me to reach for my bookshelf and open my copy of ‘How to Look at Buildings’. Written by the wonderfully named Darcy Bradell, it was originally printed in 1932. The copy I have is …