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‘Facetop’ Blends Screen and Video Images ‘Here you can see the ‘ghostly’ reflection of the user blended with what he sees on his screen.’ – bloody genius, I want one delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

non attachment

posted by Swarm in a discussion. Detached and unattached imply that one is disconnected, not a part of, disengaged or uncommitted. Enlightenment comes through a process of paying attention, deep commitment and insight into our interconnectedness. Non attachment is not clinging to the passage of emotions (or whatever) as it arises and then falls […]

I heart wikis

For one reason or another I find myself in the middle of four1 different books at once. It’s causing a bit of a log jam and I’m not really progressing any of them very well. Last night while I was noodling about with my wiki I decided that I should do something to encourage myself […]

Modern Life is Rubbish

by copacetic:

down to two has an entry called Boiling a zoning code down to the basics, which links to an encouraging article about a Canadian design code that contains only two key items – building height and distance from pavement.