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Pixel Corps Online online tutorials for various medias, uses bittorrent for file sharing and creation of server farm for model rendering BBC – History – Restoration Public voting for which buildings should be restored, new series just started on BBC delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

horse play

Somebody should warn all the Shire horses across the world – they’re about to get sued.

Summertime love


request denied

I’m not allowed to request the Sex Shop Boys because it’s only just been played – I’ve gone for Boys by Sabrina instead. Can’t wait.

radio purgatory

Mistyped URLs often provide sublime discoveries. Searching for something different to listen to here at the office this morning, I suggested that we try Radio Paradise – a site that my father-in-law recently suggested to me. I passed on the address incorrectly and we ended up at Paradise Radio – ‘The Legends Of Italo-Disco And […]