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Parkspliced Blur’s Parklife Revisited and Mutated (via Colorblind Web Page Filter Design check ‘…color filter will show your existing web site through color blind eyes…’ Archinect : Features : Peter Eisenman ‘…Liberal Views Have Never Built Anything of any Value…’ delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

topiary, grotbags, rietveld and schroder

A doyen of Topiary once told me, That one day he would like to grow a maze, It seemed to be quite logical That this should be his wish. And with that We both went our separate ways. After sweating in the heat on Saturday cutting my hedge, it’s been impossible to get this lyric […]


Comments have been temporarily turned off until my first comment spammer gets bored and goes away. WHOIS tells me that it could be the same guy who left a mark on the Waffle blog a few days ago.