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latest discoveries:

—————————> p i n g f m netbased platform for audio/video experiments (via newsletter) htAccess Generater Demo found via (thanks Jack!) The Australian: Where icons meet irony ‘…Architects can be patronising in imposing their idea of the one single truth that binds everything together…’ (via ArchNewsNow) ‘…VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility […]


Posted as an offering to those crazy mash-up kids over at GYBO, or anybody else who Googles for that mandatory, obscure spoken word sample that all good bootlegs seem to need. I give you my strangest ever answer machine message: confused.wav

the window

Saw some art, hit a bank, bought some strings and a pick for my guitar, scored some drugs. It’s amazing what you can get done in a lunch break. First the art. I found out about ‘The Window’ project last week via Kate Pemberton’s site: It’s a simple project; a window has been leased […]

the bean

More photos here (found via