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The Organ as it Rusts ‘…Music improvised from assemblages of tape loops, shortwave broadcasts, and field recordings…’ Storefront for Art and Architecture List of exhibitions from 1982 to present day – scan down the list and follow the timeline of fashionable architectural theory over the last 20 years (thanks Al!) Illuminati Illuminati’s first release on …

iron man

Contrary to my Doctor’s advice, I sat in the direct sunlight to draw this a few weeks ago. I think they call that suffering for your art. It’s the sculpture by Anthony Gormley in Birmingham’s Victoria Square. I mentioned it a while back. Whilst I was sketching this I started to think about some of …

I’m dead

Ok, that almost went according to plan. The changes I’ve implemented mean that all the previous comments on the site are now broke. Arse. I’ll fix them all but it’ll take a few days.

you’re dead

The anti-spam device is in place. I’ve got everything crossed. More comments please.

die spammers

I’ve had to switch off the comments again until I sort out the spam coming in. Lately there has been some discussion on the blosxom mailing list about how best to deal with it, so I’ll take a look and try and tackle it. Mail me if you want to get in touch.