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The House That Built a Revolution ( film review – ‘…Wherein Frank Gehry and Peter Lewis Spend a Fortune and a Decade, End Up With Nothing and Change the World…’ (via ArchNewsNow) Soul Sides – Can the drummer get some? ‘…Even when he’s not soloing…he’s soloing…’ BBC – Religion & Ethics – Beyond Belief A […]

Pimping turntables

If anybody is in the market for a turntable, you could do a lot worse than the Bush MTT1, which is currently on sale at Richer Sounds for £39.95. It got a blazing review and 5 stars from What Hi-Fi magazine. I bought one this afternoon. I just dropped Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats on to […]


Matt: Have you seen the Radio 3 architecture thing? Me: No, what is it? Sounds good. Matt: To be honest, I filed it under “tell Rob about that” and forgot it. Doh! Serves me right for not paying enough attention to Radio 3. Thanks Matt. You should all go and check out his radio recommendations […]


Just me and an empty skate park. Getting up early has some benefits. A frontside noseblunt slide … is a long way off yet. This morning I focused on just staying on the board. Surprisingly, I had some success, well, most of the time – there was one incident that involved my knees meeting the […]