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latest discoveries:

‘Save Architecture’ photos of today’s protest at Cambridge (from ‘lluniau bach traed’ @ Space and Culture : Lost in Space ‘…I love this tension between mobility and stability, the local and the global. This sort of complexity cannot be easily modelled, nor reduced to either structure or function…’ Arcsoc: Cambridge University Architecture Society ‘…It […]

latest discoveries:

Joel on Software – It’s Not Just Usability usability vs. the well designed social interface (via Alfie’s delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

latest discoveries:

gmail on you mobile how to set up gmail pop3 supprt on your phone Baudrillard – Simulacra and Simulations posted while I think about the latest moblogUK competition delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

work ethic

Hi honey, I’m home. Hard day at the office dear? Yes, it was a real grind… via MoBlogUK

latest discoveries:

Mac SE Support Pages ‘…THIS IS the page for people who like to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube, and the last ounce of performance from their ancient Macintosh SE…’ Portable Firefox 1.0 (USB Drive-Friendly) :: Mozilla Stuff :: via Jack’s links 68000-mac-faq This file describes what works on […]

another chance

I was wrong. You haven’t missed it. It’s a touring exhibition which will also be shown during 29 January – 9 April 2005 at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston. See here: RIBA news

a call to the lazyweb

About a year ago I found a project that used a flash file to record network traffic and then allow you to shape the data in a graphical format. I think it was called Cannibal. I’d like to take a look at it again but I’ve had no luck Googling for it. It was an […]

Philip Johnson’s new job

After the recent news that architect Philip Johnson has decided to retire, I was a little surprised to find this in my inbox a few minutes ago. It seems he has found himself a new vocation. ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 13:02:19 +0100 Subject: RESPONDS To: Calvary Greetings, I […]

short back and sides

I always dread getting my hair cut. Waiting your turn, cursing yourself for not bringing a good book, feeling obliged to engage in the obligatory hair cut conversation. Going anywhere nice this year? This week’s trip was no exception. Left for lunch early to beat the queue and got beaten by people leaving work early […]