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latest discoveries: Tibetan Buddhist Internet Radio (via growabrain) delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

now that says chair

Marcus Fairs reviews the Marc Newson exhibition at the Design Museum in this month’s Icon magazine: “Few designers change the visual language of everyday life – Marc Newson is one,” blathers the first of the wall texts in this mid-career retrospective. “He has transformed the design of the objects and spaces around us through his […]

timestamp problem

OK, rather predictably, this hasn’t gone as smoothly as I’d hoped. There seems to be a problem with the image feed and it’s repeating the last picture with every cron job. Bloglines is ignoring it because it recognises the repetition, could somebody who uses a different news reader let me know how it is behaving? […]

whale beats 13lb of T.N.T

I’m at my father’s house today, posting this via e-mail. It’s his 60th birthday this week and I’ve come home to give him his gift. He’s unearthed a copy of the Daily Express from the day he was born and on the front cover, amid news about the destruction of Budapest, is a piece about […]