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Repeat – Writings on Architecture: Bobbing for Mies – Robert Venturi at IIT ‘…he saw Gehry’s bandshell in Millennium Park as carrying on ‘the idea of the great American loft tradition … essentially a loft with applied ornament, which are these potato chips’…’ (via DYWSC?) In Alabama, a Poor County Is Rich in Modern Architecture […]


I bought my first Apple product yesterday. A big part of the attraction with Apple products is the quality of the design, right? A comprehensive approach that gets all the details just right, right? Rob: ‘I’d like a 60Gb iPod in black* please.’ Apple: ‘That’ll be £299 please.’ Rob: ‘I assume the headphones that come […]

today’s links

City Comforts, the blog: New Urbanism’s main weakness ‘New Urbanism’s official voices have not effectively separated – in the public mind – site plan from architectural style. That anyone can still associate New Urbanism with ‘traditional’ facades is New Urbanism’s major weakness.’ – I couldn’t agree more found by me, collated by, published by […]

today’s links

Nurri Kim – Tokyo Blues ‘The city as seen through one material’: beautiful photographs of the city and its protector – the blue tarpaulin (via Space and Culture) found by me, collated by, published by deloxom

medallion man

Al says: No success in the President’s medal I’m afraid, I made it to the final shortlist of 95 but here’s who won: Some good work, well deserved I think! Al

today’s links

The Cube Is Coming Ken Shuttleworth’s project in Birmingham. Tetris meets a Rubik’s cube. found by me, collated by, published by deloxom

mp3 removed

* I’ve removed the mp3 due to lack of webspace – you can listen to the interview along with several others on the BBC web site: John Tusa interviews.

today’s links

Holyrood – It’s our £431m BMX park ‘…one group who have been delighted with Catalan architect Enric Miralles extravagant design are the city’s young BMX bikers and skateboarders – who have adopted it as a play park…’ (Keep your own bookmarks online at

dear santa

More letters and a suggestion for your (my) Christmas wish list. It was my boss’s birthday last week. Here at the office we usually end up spending a considerable amount of time trying to decide what gift to get when birthdays come around. This time the solution came to me in a flash and I […]

Letters on meditation

Dear Reader, I enclose some letters between Matt Webb and I that we both feel are worth sharing. Topics include: meditation, breathing, Arthur Dent, puffing sacks, giving form to that which you know intuitively, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and the gentle hum of radiators. In a wonderfully self-fulfilling way, writing this has itself given […]