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Anatomical Chart Company – Brain Gelatin Mold ‘…Fill the plastic brain mold with a customized gelatin mix and a few hours later, out pops a life-size, anatomically correct brain….’ (via Mind Hacks) Guardian Unlimited Film | Reviews | White Noise ‘…He plays an architect – a dream job in films, conferring creativity and class and […]

little mickey?

To see the full image when you visit the flickr page, click on the ‘all sizes’ button and choose the original image size. The text should be readable then. On closer inspection I’ve just noticed that one of the characters looks a bit like Mickey, the star of the Sendak book. It’s a little difficult […]

Little Nemo in Slumberland

I’ve been looking through a catalogue of designer chairs and between the pages of photos and construction drawings I found this (click on the images for full size): It’s a delightfully drawn cartoon depicting three characters clambering over a world rotated through ninety degrees. I haven’t a clue what the dialogue says, if anybody could […]