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Are architects venal, vacuous and ego-driven? Jonathan Meades considers new evidence (via John Massengale) delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

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from The Gutter Which well-known New Urbanists, not hailing from Greater Miami, were overheard making the following less-than PC comments after a ceremony to honor Frank Gehry’s contributions to the cityscape? “What’s next,” the first asked, “a humanitarian award to Osama bin Laden?” The other responded: “We’ll give a painting award to Adolf Hitler!” The […]

crowd surfing

There’s a bit of a kerfuffle going on in the new-urbanist camp. The CNU has surprised everyone by giving the shiniest of all ‘starchitects’, Frank Gehry (mates with Brad Pitt, appeared in The Simpsons), an award for good urban design for his LA Philharmonic Building. I haven’t visited the building in question, so I’m poorly […]

new tribe

They redesigned the profile page of Here’s me: First reaction, after about 60 seconds of scrolling/clicking, is that it’s looking pretty good. I might have to start using it again. Or at the very least return the compliment to all the people I owe testimonials to.

Time to stand and stare

Will Alsop on Cedric Price: Between 1963 and 1971, there was the magazine Architectural Design. AD was about ideas. One or two contributors went on to build their designs, but mainly it was about things that might be done. This was the era of Archigram, the avant-garde design group, and also, most importantly, the critic […]

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readinglist: bloxsom plugin ‘…This plugin allows you to keep directories of entries corresponding to current, completed, and queued reading and outputs lists suitable for inclusion on a side-bar to your (bloxsom) blog…’ (via) Junkspace – Rem Koolhaas via tag/architecture Flickr: Photos tagged with architectureweek a new tag just started yesterday – let’s get busy delivered […]

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Jack has joined in with a round up of choice picks from Glasgow. Any more out there?

A handful of men

For War of the Worlds fans: I noticed a billboard on the way to work this morning advertising a guest appearance by Jeff Wayne, composer of the 70s musical version, at St. Paul’s Gallery in Birmingham tomorrow night. It’s currently being re-released as a collector’s edition. Remastered, remixed, DVD etc, etc. A whole bunch of […]


I’ve e-mailed the guy who’s built this project, but no reply yet. I’ve noticed that like the entry I mention above, he also carries a reference to the writing of Marcos Novak. It seems it is Novak who we should both be thanking. “derived from the particulars of the real world, from data and processes […]

Architecture Week around Birmingham

Dan has already covered London, so I’d better have a go at Birmingham and the West Midlands. Here’s a few items from the Architecture Week itinerary that I think will be worth a visit. The sections in italics are extra notes I’ve added about some of the events. In Conversation with David Adjaye and Hew […]