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I’ve e-mailed the guy who’s built this project, but no reply yet. I’ve noticed that like the entry I mention above, he also carries a reference to the writing of Marcos Novak. It seems it is Novak who we should both be thanking. “derived from the particulars of the real world, from data and processes […]

Architecture Week around Birmingham

Dan has already covered London, so I’d better have a go at Birmingham and the West Midlands. Here’s a few items from the Architecture Week itinerary that I think will be worth a visit. The sections in italics are extra notes I’ve added about some of the events. In Conversation with David Adjaye and Hew […]

follow the light

A few weeks ago I was taken to task by my friend Matthew over my enthusiasm for Walsall Art Gallery. I mounted a defence and then we agreed to let the building have the final say and pay it a visit together. I don’t expect to have to say anything further. By way of preperation, […]

listen again

You have until next Monday to hear Andrew Marr talk to Anish Kapoor and Deyan Sudjic discussing shape on Radio 4’s Start the Week Here’s a taster: Kapoor: To make new art one needs to make new space…a little history of the way I understand this…Medieval space, if one goes back that far, was flat; […]