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secret history

Stuart has run his leg of the race. He highlights the wonderful Secret History by Donna Tartt. Had there been 6 books on my list, this would have been in there too.

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Pamphlet Architecture ‘…an opportunity for architects, designers, theorists, urbanists, and landscape architects to publish their designs, manifestos, ideas, theories, ruminations, hopes, and insights for the future of the designed and built world…’ (via Daily Dose) Smart City: Home ‘…Smart City is a weekly, hour-long public radio talk show that takes an in-depth look at urban […]

death of a drawing board

We cast another drawing board onto the scrap heap today, there is only one left in our office now. This one belonged to Tony, our oldest architect, and was probably at least 50 years old. All that remains of it is this scan of the bottom right hand corner. How times change. Here’s Tony’s response […]

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the eisenman principle “…I’d rather have good look and bad theory. If you can bring them together, fine, but if it don’t look good to me, forget it…” delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

Book Baton

I’ve been passed a blogging baton. It used to be about music, then Matt Webb decided to let it evolve into a discussion about books. He passed it to Peter Lindberg and now it has come to rest in my ever expanding list of things to do. I’m not usually a big fan of inter-blog […]

MADA s.p.a.m

I made a dash across town during my lunch break last week and paid a visit to the Custard Factory in Digbeth. There was an exhibition of work by Chinese architect Ma Qingyun (office name: MADA s.p.a.m – strategy, planning, architecture, media) and it gave me an excuse to have lunch with my friend and […]

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Philip K. Dick – How To Build A Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later (Essay) written 1978, from “I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon” (via Jack Mottram’s links) Welcome to OTHERPOWER.COM ‘…It’s EASY to make your own power FROM SCRATCH!..’ – Nerd Prom Photo ‘Animatronic Philip K Dick Weeps Real Amphetamines’ […]

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Aisle of Averages – a photoset on Flickr ‘Late night experiments in Safeway.’ – I was so disappointed this wasn’t result of travelling at speed in a shopping trolley. The Uncanny and the Architecture of Deconstruction by Anneleen Masschelein ‘…This article shows how an understanding of the uncanny may be crucial to an understanding of […]

lost and found

18 KIsNationalMuseum,1977, cou Tidying the office, looking for a missing drawing, found this photocopy of a book with the annotation just off the edge of the page…my boss can’t remember the name of the architect, any takers? Beautiful, isn’t it?

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Why I Bought a Typewriter on eBay ‘…so I took Thoreau’s thoughts on living deliberately to heart…’ via thingsmagazine delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via