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A GUIDE TO PLAYING 78 rpm RECORDS ‘…The idea behind this guide is to help collectors to get the best results from their precious 78rpm records. It is not exhaustive, neither is it highly technical…’ RSS 2 PDF Free Online RSS, Atom or OPML to PDF Generator (via Make – here’s an example: no2self_pdf) The […]


Note to self – buy this single: William Campbell & Kevin MacNeil – ‘Local Man Ruins Everything’ (7″) (Fantastic Plastic)

flat eric

Almost forgot. I did some work with the Quake modelling engine too. The eye-level of the view point is a little too high for domestic scale work though. Say hello to Flat Eric and his machine gun. Full set can be found at flickr. Believe it or not, this one actually got built. Eventually.


It beat me. Back in 2002 I spent what felt like half my life experimenting with the modelling tools used to create Half Life. My goal being to create a virtual model of my building that the viewer would have complete control over. The first time I sat in front of the game and lifted […]