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reading list

I’ve managed to snaffle a copy of the reading list from the MA Urban Design course at UCE. I offer it here as inspiration to anyone looking for new stuff to put on their Amazon wish list: PDF link: MA_UrbanDesign_ReadingList_2005.pdf It seems that post-modernity is the theme du jour. I can help out with a […]

open house

My visit to the London a couple of weeks ago was poorly timed and I missed the Open House event last weekend. Don’t panic, I can still deliver the goods – I dispatched my colleague Yumiko to bring back news and photos. Actually that’s not strictly true, I didn’t dispatch anybody, she went of her […]

useful things

It seems that the last 12 months has indeed been the year that the WWW finally got useful. Ten years on and we finally got there. Blosxom, Bloglines, Usemod, Flickr, PlanetPlanet, and now Librarything1 (and of course, del.icio.us2). We all need structure and I think I need it more than others thanks to my […]


Staring back at me from the kitchen table this morning – the totally unprecedented new look? Elsewhere, the editors summarise: Berliner: the blogs react

now you see me

Ok, so that won’t have been a lot of use to you if you read it via RSS – visit the entry in your browser to see the full librarything.

library thing

I’ve been trying out

NLA critique

The public speaks. Or perhaps just a bunch of architects. Who knows what the visitor list consists of at the New London Architecture exhibition? Is it just gaining interest from people in the trade (and related trades) or is it pulling people in off the street? Whoever they are, they’re certainly proving to be a […]

seeds of an idea

There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a very few of them. And possibly only one profession is phonier. Advertising design, in persuading people to buy things they don’t need, with money they don’t have, in order to impress others who don’t care, is probably the phoniest field in existence today. Industrial […]


Just received this via the Michael Moore mailing list: For the past few days I’ve been working with a group that, I guarantee you, will get direct aid to the people who need it most. Cindy Sheehan, the brave woman who dared to challenge Mr. Bush at his summer home, has now sent her Camp […]


The subject of children’s play provision comes up in our office quite a lot. You may remember a previous post from last year that quoted landscape architect, Helle Nebelong, about the perils of standardisation – here’s an excerpt: I am convinced that standardised playgrounds are dangerous, just in another way: when the distance between all […]