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Letters on meditation

Dear Reader, I enclose some letters between Matt Webb and I that we both feel are worth sharing. Topics include: meditation, breathing, Arthur Dent, puffing sacks, giving form to that which you know intuitively, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and the gentle hum of radiators. In a wonderfully self-fulfilling way, writing this has itself given […]

walter segal

Continuing in the no, 2 self tradition of archiving architectural wisdom fom the printed page of years gone by, I’ve started a set of images taken from Walter Segal’s 1953 book, Home and Environment. I’ve been working with a lot of projects lately that need an understanding of housing in post war Britain. Like a […]

deposit of fat

Depositing notes from mind and pockets; climbing confluences from the last few weeks. Visiting: A new indoor climbing wall has recently opened in Wolverhampton. £6 registration and the £5 peak / £4 off peak. Visited for a brief look last week – still some construction going on but looks like there are some promising […]

farewell my friend

It’s been a year and a half since we met and since then we’ve been together everyday; inseperable, living in each other’s pockets. We’ve seen so much together. Shared so many sights. I remember it all as if it was yesterday. The highlights, the low lights, the traffic lights, the tea lights. We’ve had our […]

mad scientists

Separated at birth? Architect, Greg Lynn: Greg Lynn will present some projects that … are chosen for their flexibility and adaptability. To initiate transformation and mutation, external constraints are exerted on these internally regulated prototypes. The result of this interaction between a generalized flexible organization and particular external constraints is a design process that has […]

augmented architecture

My e-mail inbox keeps on delivering the goods this week. Just received from Tom Barker at the RCA: Seminar at the Architectural Association 24+25 November 2005: Surface Intelligence: Ambient and Augmented Architectures. Please join us if you are able for the Imperial/RCA/AA/EPSRC CultureNetwork seminar at the Architectural Association, London All the best, – Tom Barker […]

Stephen Heppell

3 e-mails just tumbled into my inbox from my friend and fellow architect Rob Hopkins. He has some links to share: rob, i spent a day with stephen heppell yesterday at the RIBA. seriously inspiring guy to work with (when you have the cash to pay for him!) rob And then, should have mentioned, […]

creative reaction

For Rod McLaren and his How We Work series. Fernand Léger, painter (1881-1955) by Siegfried Giedion Léger rebuilt his country place in the Chevreuse Valley without an architect. He thought it would serve him for a long time. Here he invited his friends. A table was pushed into the studio and spread in the midst […]

in celebration of the ordinary

At the MoDA: In Search of Suburbia: 11 October 2005 – 26 March 2006 We are all familiar with the suburbs. The majority of the UK’s population lives there. We all know what we mean by suburbia. For many of us it is summed up by the 1930s semi-detached family house with front and back […]

boring response

Lifted from the comments (I nearly missed it due to spam shenanigins) – Icon editor responds to my entry on ‘Boring’ article: Of course we would have printed your letter Robert. Trouble is, most of the letters we get are from sycophantic groupies lining up outside our dressing room to say ‘I love you’. If […]