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Letters on meditation

Dear Reader, I enclose some letters between Matt Webb and I that we both feel are worth sharing. Topics include: meditation, breathing, Arthur Dent, puffing sacks, giving form to that which you know intuitively, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and the gentle hum of radiators. In a wonderfully self-fulfilling way, writing this has itself given […]

walter segal

Continuing in the no, 2 self tradition of archiving architectural wisdom fom the printed page of years gone by, I’ve started a set of images taken from Walter Segal’s 1953 book, Home and Environment. I’ve been working with a lot of projects lately that need an understanding of housing in post war Britain. Like a […]

deposit of fat

Depositing notes from mind and pockets; climbing confluences from the last few weeks. Visiting: A new indoor climbing wall has recently opened in Wolverhampton. £6 registration and the £5 peak / £4 off peak. Visited for a brief look last week – still some construction going on but looks like there are some promising […]