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eve’s pudding

I promised a series of more haptic entries and then disappeared back into the Real World to deal with the all too haptic experience of moving house. So, where were we? Amidst the colours, shapes, sounds and smells of childhood rests the memories of certain TV personalities. Delia Smith, Ken Hom, Madhur Jaffrey – all […]

going for <strike>gold</strike> silver

The aforemontioned Mr Alan Morrissey has been shortlisted for this year’s RIBA Silver Medal Awards. Fill your boots here: The President’s Medals Students Awards Joins Shuttleworth one week, makes the cut for the Silver Medal the next – the boy done good. Almost too good, I’m getting uncharacteristically jealous. Related entry: 2004 results


I was thinking, during my journey along the motorway this morning, about how I should best convey the news to new readers that this isn’t purely an architecture blog. Perhaps 50% is Architecture, another 20% is architecture and the remaining 30% is more general notes to self which may (or, more usually, may not) be […]

british ones too

A note to explain the image in the AR article: It’s one of two sent to me by my friend Avril in New York and you need the second one to get the full story. In her words: …that photo was taken at the NY Milkshake Company, on St. Mark’s Place, in NYC … Cooper […]


I received a text message last night from Tom the caveman: Marcus Novak lecture on friday at UCL Since one of his past articles was the inspiration for my obligatory internet pseudonym I felt compelled to attend. Two minutes later I realised I couldn’t make it – I’m picking the kids up from nursery. This […]

Back in the RSS

Hello. I’m back in the saddle after a little time away from work and information technology. The office is a little quieter than usual at the moment; partly due to a touch of autumnal melancholy, partly due to the fact that we’re a man down. My colleague, friend and axe mentor, Alan Morrissey, has jumped […]