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There was another point to the creme brulee entry, other than simply the celebration of great dessert. It got cut short by workload this morning. The point was also to thank Al for shedding blood, sweat and probably tears to complete an entry for Europan 8 and then, for reasons I won’t go into here, […]


Catching up with some old Radio 3 programs this evening. Firstly, The Renzo Piano interview by John Tulsa. RP: “…by the way, architecture is also a very polluted art in the sense that it’s polluted by life, by the complexity of things.” JT: “By compromise.” RP: “Yes, by compromise, but in some way this compromised […]

architects and their tools

Podcasts I can recommend: In a moment of extreme generosity and bravery, I let Al Morrissey cut loose with the final part of the latest recipe from Crash Test Kitchen this weekend. Homegrown cookery lessons on video, much easier to learn than reading a list of ingredients: