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architects and their tools

Podcasts I can recommend: In a moment of extreme generosity and bravery, I let Al Morrissey cut loose with the final part of the latest recipe from Crash Test Kitchen this weekend. Homegrown cookery lessons on video, much easier to learn than reading a list of ingredients:

today’s links

The Hype Machine ‘…The Hype Machine keeps track of new songs posted on the best blogs about music. Easily listen, discover and buy songs that everyone is talking about!..’ (via (taken from my linklog, broadcast using deloxom)

book upgrade

I’ve never read any Jasper Fforde, but having just visited his web site and stumbled upon such delights as his ‘book upgrade centre’ it’s become clear I have no choice but to add all his work to my wish list. 1: Editions covered by this upgrade: All United States Viking hardback editions. ON NO ACCOUNT […]

extruding algorithms

Hugh Pearman on one of my favourite firms, Caruso St.John: A sample of lace will be scanned, turned into a 3D computer model, and moulded into the pigmented precast concrete panels forming the elevations of the centre. “With this technology,” observes Caruso, “you can do very intricate ornament again.” Sullivan and Wright live on. As […]

today’s links

DPZ – Transect Duany Plater-Zyberk on the urban transect. Examples and papers. PORTA2030 ‘…PORTA2030 launches its porta-pack, a wifi compact unit that documents, archives and transmits during the Node London media season in March, 2006…’ (via WMMNA) (taken from my linklog, broadcast using deloxom)

from Birmingham Post

‘400,000 new homes for West Midlands’ … Hold all my calls, it looks like I’m gonna be busy. (link) [no, 2 self photos]

today’s links

Derrida – Documentary by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Kofman This award-winning documentary gives an intimate portrait of the brilliant, controversial philosopher and intellectual French icon Jacques Derrida, whose theory of deconstruction has deeply influenced the studies of literature, philosophy, ethics, archite (taken from my linklog, broadcast using deloxom)

early zaha?

Found outside the toilets at a Japanese restaurant – early Zaha Hadid? (link) [no, 2 self photos]

from today’s Observer

(link) [no, 2 self photos]

The Public out of pocket

Oh dear. I was beginning to wonder why The Public building was taking a while to finish. Here’s the answer: Administrators have been called in at a multi-million pound arts centre being developed in the Black Country. The Public, in West Bromwich, was scheduled to open in July but it is has debts and other […]