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a very super manner

Here’s Winy Maas in the latest Icon magazine reminding me why I’m such a big fan of his practice, MVRDV (my emphasis): There are different approaches to a global market. You can brand your style, as, say, Zaha is doing in a very super manner, or you can brand your approach. And I think our […]

Architecture Week 2006

Kaboom! Kablooie! Kapow! It’s Architecture Week here in the UK. There’s no escaping the fact that as an architect with a blog I have a duty to fulfill over the next few days. We’ll get started with a few choice picks from the itinerary in my area, the West Midlands. There are plenty more to […]

a panoply

A local post for local people. This is the height of laziness, but I’m going to let Matthew announce a new project I’m involved in since he’s already done such a good job on his own blog… Wolverhampton Freeycle has quietly been building up over the past few months. With virtually no promotion, there are […]

ashes to sketches

Carbon Copies by Nadine Jarvis: Pencils made from the carbon produced during cremation, A lifetime supply of pencils can be made from one body of ash. The sharpenings create a secondary ash, and displace the pencils as they are used transforming the pencil case over time, into an urn. (via Matt Ward)

coming soon

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today’s links

Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts critics | It’s not as easy as it looks ‘…After years spent dissecting the works of the great artists, critic Jonathan Jones decided to put his money where his mouth was – and learn to draw…’ (via rodcorp) no, 2 self mobile rss rss feed of this site for mobile […]