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today’s links

Angels – Constructing Reconfigurable Space – Ruairi Glynn and Paul Burres ‘…The ‘Angel’ project questions the nature of fixed architecture and looks at the possibilities of an architecture lighter than air capable of sheltering us and even bringing communities together…’ (taken from my linklog, broadcast using deloxom)

today’s links

I heart pencils T-shirts, by Sparratease of London (via rodcorp links) (taken from my linklog, broadcast using deloxom)

Linux links

Harvesting links while listening to the LUG Radio coverage of GUADEC: F-Spot: a full-featured personal photo management application for the GNOME desktop Jackfield: Appleā€™s Dashboard for the Linux Gnome desktop Elisa: a project to create an opensource media center solution for GNU/Linux and Unix operating systems. Jokosher: a multi-track non-linear audio editor with a prime […]