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today’s links

Here’s what Web 2.0 means to me Results of Basecamp survey asking for comments on Web 2.0 – number 149: web 2.0 is ‘ Cool…like Google.’ (taken from my linklog, broadcast using deloxom)

book links

First attempt at using Amazon affiliate links for books choked so I’ve experimented with the Librarything title search instead. Serves me right for for trying to make a profit off your clicks.

revised townscape

I’ve just discovered there’s a new version of Townscape due for issue later this year!

Making Urban Places

Once again I am but the outlet for the work of others. Here’s another installation in the series of lecture notes belonging to my colleagues at the office (we’re architects in birmingham, in case you hadn’t already heard*). I can announce today that I may have finally persuaded aforementioned colleague to officially release further work […]

architects in birmingham

I work at Axis Design Collective and we are architects in Birmingham. Ignore me, normal service will resume shortly. This post exists only to provide myself some Google juice. Alternatively, if you’re feeling extremely generous, find a way to use the phrase architects in Birmingham on your blog and link my other site. After all, […]