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rapid furniture

The e-mail containing the link to this site was so uninformative as to be almost rude, but one-click away from consigning it to the spam bin I paused and decided to take a look. I’m glad I did. Rapid prototyped furniture from mid-air freehand sketches; just enjoy the artist/geekist collision and don’t ask if they’re […]

self promotion

The RIBA should employ Paul Arendt from the Guardian to write all their publicity material: The architect is an archetype, marinated in cinema history: he is intelligent, scrupulously fair-minded (Henry Fonda’s juror No 8 in 12 Angry Men was an architect), wealthy and creative. He’s secretly romantic, like Tom Hanks. He’s hubristic but brilliant, like […]

advert location

Was curious about location of the tower block in the Sony advert. Did some digging, worked it out from the images, made a Google Earth placemark: BraviaAdvertLocation.kmz

rainbow climbing high

This week in colour: Old architectural failure turns into an explosion in a paint factory… An explosion in a paint factory turns into a new architectural success… [still frame {found via gravestmor} from new Sony advert / photo by igplatero of this year’s Stirling Prize winner Madrid Barajas Airport]

ArchiCAD student license

Disclaimer: Whilst the following post may result in a return favour for me from Graphisoft (see update), I’m more than happy to pass on the news that ArchiCAD is now available for free to students. Back in the days of my undergraduate education I bought a student license of version 5 (which cost about £150 […]


From today’s last week’s BD magazine: Housing Corporation chief executive Jon Rouse, who controls a £3.6 billion development budget over the next two years, outlined seven reasons for a return to suburbia and said anyone who believes the country’s housing crisis can be met through the expansion of urban centres is “frankly kidding themselves”. He […]

Housing matrix, a guide to housing design examples listed by project, architect, building typology, city and country: contains examples of housing designed by different architects in different historic periods, countries, and cities. Projects range in scale from single buildings to examples of large social housing projects containing thousands of dwellings. A typological guide provides for […]