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Living Bath

Architectural Advent day 20: From The Bathroom by Alexander Kira – The Living Bath: A fascinating book of extensive research on bathroom use. Although admittedly we mostly only reach for it these days when feeling the need to impress in students the value of good ergonomic/psychological analysis. I spared you from the in depth exploratory […]

AR Covers: 1980s

Architectural Advent day 19: The changing face of Architectural Review magazine – batch 3: the 1980s.

Good Gift

Architectural Advent day 18: Our office Christmas card is provided this year by Merry Christmas!

hands down

Message from BLDGBLOG for my students to think about over the Christmas break: …some of today’s most imaginative artistic, technological, and even literary work is being produced in architectural studios. Whether you like their projects or not, in other words, architecture students are out-thinking, out-structuring, and out-performing novelists, hands down. It is now architecture that […]