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sketches blog

Found by pressing the ‘related feeds’ button in to get a list of blogs similar to my own: Architecture Sketches quoting Michael Maltzman: “I can’t say that I design in one way or another it is a lot more back and forwards… It is like casting a broad net and seeing what comes up… […]

AR Covers: 1960s

Architectural Advent day 14: The changing face of Architectural Review magazine – batch 1: the 1960s.

letraset love

Architectural Advent day 13: Romance, courting, marriage, old age. All in one Letraset sheet. Now that’s value for money. Note to self: when wearing a sweater jauntily over your shoulders, always hook your thumb over the top your belt.

outrigger version 2

Architectural Advent day 12: We might as well continue the theme from day 11 with an alternative proposal that takes the full width of the plot. This project is part of the work I did with two colleagues just after graduating. My only bit of advice should you choose to try this layout is to […]


Architectural Advent day 11: (will I ever catch up?) After several years of housing market boom here in the UK, there are lots of people drawing down on mortgages and extending their home. I’ve been involved in a few over recent years, and in a city who’s housing stock is largely made up of Victorian […]

Letraset 19??

Architectural Advent Day 10: Party people. Partying. Not sure about the date on this one, but it has a certain Abigail’s Party quality to it that suggests the late 70s. Check out the lecherous dude in the centre and the girl to his right who seems to be smiling with relief now that he’s heading […]

Modern Methods?

Architectural Advent Day 9: An excerpt from a 1976 edition of AD (entitled Whatever happened to the systems approach?) containing an interview with Terry Farrell and Nick Grimshaw discussing their work with timber frame housing: Farrell-Grimshaw interviewed by James Meller (PDF link) (Sample from cover and image from interview topic) My profession has a short […]

loosen up

I spent most of today encouraging a colleague to loosen up, pick up a pencil and push aside the CAD software for a while. After lunch I finally succeeded. The next challange was to get her to loosen up her drawing technique and enagage with the action of drawing before worrying about the final result. […]

kindred spirit

Found via Adam’s links – Aggregät 4/5/6 You have arrived at a site that has no qualms about the messy connections between spatial practice, cultural criticism, technology studies, art history, architecture, and other realms. Yet this location was conceived under the sign of big “A” architecture. It is maintained by an architecture historian who […]

brown field silver porsche

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