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Wandering around Architecture Islandposted by Eversion Orman on Architecture Island using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

more space

I have to admit that I might not have been entirely clear in my previous post about Venn diagrams, rifts and Egon Spengler. Behind all the mucking about with sci-fi analogies, it’s simply an attempt to use a drawing language that makes me think about aspects of projects and problems that may usually be overlooked. […]

up on the roof

up on the roof

Our man in Australia, Dan Hill from City Of Sound, sends his latest dispatch by video over at InterestingSouth2007, pitching an idea for sustainability points scoring encouraged by neighbourhood social networking competition. Bruce Sterling meets Robert Venturi – toaster spimes shout via roof top neon signs. Home owners collate their energy use, export the stats […]

I will survive

Recently received by e-mail, here are some alternative lyrics for use during any karaoke event over the coming festive period: THE ARCHITECT SONG (to the tune of I Will Survive) At first I was afraid, I was petrified thinking I could not design what you had specified But then I spent too many years redrawing […]

crossing streams

Some work on a lecture I recently gave about Secured by Design (more on that coming up) produced a spin-off diagram worth sharing. Unashamedly following the Indexed model (what’s the formal name for this diagram type?), it pitches three elements of urban design (accommodation, people, transport) against each other and marks intersections, inputs and outputs. […]

sodium burst

sodium burst

peoples millions

bum note

bum note

I’ve made some disparaging comments about Daniel Libeskind in the past, but their critical value was admittedly low as I’d never visited one of his projects in person. A recent trip to Manchester gave me the opportunity to put that right by visiting the Imperial War museum. So here’s the thing; no matter what you […]

commonly shared

Do you hang out with architects? Need a reading list to help you get by at parties? Don your black roll neck jumper and tuck a few of these in your satchel. Here’s the latest update to the chart of most commonly shared books over at the group, Architext: Most commonly shared books (weighted): […]


Rumours of my blogging death have been exaggerated. I’m still here. Normal service will resume shortly. A summer invested entirely in production, has left no time for pontification. My RSS list is currently running at around 5000 unread entries from all you lovely people. Let me know if you can recommend any short cuts to […]