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Fabjectory Have your electronic characters made into incredibly detailed, full color, real-life statuettes. (via (tags: 3d sculpture make)

Pinging Ecobuild attendees

Sat in internet hovel in Islington. 50 pence lighter. Don’t use the bus ticket machine at Angel tube station – I just broke it. Hiking to destination, Will Self style, instead. Going to Ecobuild conference tomorrow at Earl’s Court – any readers attending? Mail me if you want to get together in the lunch break: […] linklog

To Helvetica and Back – FontShop News ‘…But Helv isn’t always the right sans for the job. This week on the FontFeed we offer 13 alternatives to Helvetica…’ (via Dan Hill) (tags: design fonts typography)

passing comment

Two recent comments worth bringing to the front page: First, a couple of links to recent articles. Hello, I’m writing to point out to you two articles from the February issue of Artforum now online. One offers Yale art historian Sean Keller’s take on the renovations of Mies’s Crown Hall at IIT and Louis […] linklog

A map of things kind of related to comics ‘We were debating whether it was totalising or not and so to demonstrate an alternative scheme, we used comics at the centre of a Greimas semantic rectangle.’ – Schulze and Webb blazing an intellectual/playful trail so bright it hurts my eyes. Beautiful. (tags: comics diagram semantics […]

Bob the green builder

Found via news – Bob the Builder goes green: Bob the Builder has gone green! Parents of small children watching Bob the Builder episodes this week may have been bemused to see Bob installing an aerial on a yurt, a window in a dome and attending to a problem at the sunflower oil processing […]

electronically yours

Back and forth: Owen responds with added detail about some of the recent Letraset people appearances, pointing out that a couple of them once made an appearance on The Human League’s album cover: Being Boiled – Circus of Death. Where next? Does anybody know the source of the other graphic on the album?

Strangely tapering humanoids

Strangely tapering humanoids

And there I was thinking I ruled the roost when it came to sharing architectural images of days gone by. A link by to nastybrutalistandshort caught my eye for another reason when I spotted a Gorden Cullen sketch taken from a book that currently resides on my bedside table*: Homes for Today and Tomorrow […] linklog

Cambridge Journals Online – arq: Architectural Research Quarterly ‘…arq acts as an international forum for practitioners and academics by publishing cutting-edge work covering all aspects of architectural endeavour…’ (logged because I just noticed the RSS feed for article titles) (tags: architecture magazine pdf rss journal)