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pinging me, pinging you

[vod:pod] robannable has sent you a message 1 message Vodpod 22 March 2007 23:20 I thought you might like this collection of videos, called a ‘Pod’.Come have a look. You can join the Pod, watch the videos I’ve collected, and tell people what you think and what you liked.Or build your own collection with your […]

pinging tech support

Question for the IT boffins out there: any idea why my entries that attempt to embed flickr images are only showing the contents of the ‘alt’ description rather than the full image? I’ve checked the css and it doesn’t seem to contain anything that would strip out the image. Having the same trouble with an […]

formal autonomy

A worthy addition to your RSS list: Carefully crafted thoughts formalized by the act of writing for an audience. Exactly the justification for blogging that I was explaining to my students last week. A quote from the latest entry: The forms of the Industriosphere have not pulled themselves into being, they have been put […]

search me

A few weeks ago I read an entry on the always informative blog that pointed me to the Google Co-op project. It was a how-to explaining an easy way to construct a list of sites to include in a custom search engine by importing your XML list of sites from your RSS reader. The […]

Ecobuild data farming

Notes from last week’s Ecobuild conference Some advice: If you’re due to speak at a seminar about the environment any time soon, please, stop to think about what your audience is likely to know already. Ditch the stuff about how we’re all doomed and you’ve got the pie chart to prove it. We know. It’s […]