clip round the ear

A timely post from the Staufenberger Repository on clip art as I prepare my Powerpoint for next week:


Includes an outrageous comment from me suggesting that my old letraset uploads were without precedent. In fact, the very opposite is true.

Patrick sent over the direct links for each of these fine collections:

2 responses to “clip round the ear”

  1. VT

    Morning Rob; culfinglin here, enjoying finally getting around to reading your blog.

    Even though I wince when I see some of the old ’80s art in the Dover books and Letraset sheets, I have fond memories of using them as spot illustrations when learning paste-up layout, way back in the day. I can’t look at them without thinking of the office waxer, which always dripped and burned me. I can still do veritable surgery with an X-Acto, though.