5 responses to “be2camp”

  1. Adrian McEwen

    Excellent. I’ll look out for that session in the schedule then.

    And I should get my finger out and sign up for Pecha Kucha too, just not sure exactly how to reprise the Internet of Things in a few fast-paced slides.

    Hopefully catch up with you on Friday.

  2. Podnosh Blog » Archive » You can plan Lozells

    […] Rob Annable, a social media architect (oh yes) is about to launch a new project for public consultation on community plans: A few weeks ago, Birmingham City Council put out an invitation to tender for an extremely innovative and ambitious proposal that would allow the residents of Lozells to comment on the plans for their community through a dedicated virtual environment. The bespoke software was required to be accessible both on and offline, allow the user to explore their neighbourhood in 3D, adjust the model themselves and make comparisons between design options then submit feedback to inform the next stage of development. It should show varying levels of detail, from the widest to the smallest and it should be ready to go in a matter of weeks. For more see here. […]

  3. Kevin Harris

    Dang Rob – my turn to regret not having found out about this in time! Looks like an interesting project and an enticing event yesterday. You don’t say anything here about user involvement in the development – would be keen to hear about that.

  4. Phil Clark

    Congrats on your Pecha Kucha performance, especially meet the challenge of discussing new forms or urbanism after a couple of light ales. Hopefully that will be on the Be2camp site soon. Having just written those words I’m wondering whether the next event should be on a green field.

  5. Rob

    Kevin – You’ll certainly have to join us for the next one… there were many occasions when I found myself thinking: ‘We need Kevin Harris here for this discussion!’

    Phil – Thanks, I really enjoyed it. As for green fields, I was talking to the unorganisers about having the next one in Birmingham, does that qualify?