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Rehoused – part 4

Time to put my money where my mouth is, as they say. Here’s the fourth and concluding part of the ‘architecture re-housed’ trilogy – photos of the completed houses. Of course, although I’ve been quoted on the Building web site this week about the need to focus on existing housing, that doesn’t mean I’m not […]

John Madin: Architect

Here in Birmingham we await the results of the competition to see which starchitect will be delivering us their iconic vision for the future of the city’s library. As you can imagine, we’re all jolly excited about it *cough*. Before we get to this bright new future, the previous one has to be dealt with. […]


caravantgarde, originally uploaded by eversion. It stacks just like the MCH.

Mr Bellamy

Mr Bellamy, originally uploaded by eversion. Opening

clip round the ear

A timely post from the Staufenberger Repository on clip art as I prepare my Powerpoint for next week: Includes an outrageous comment from me suggesting that my old letraset uploads were without precedent. In fact, the very opposite is true. Patrick sent over the direct links for each of these fine collections: […]


I’ll be attending Think 08 next week and taking part in the session at 4:30pm on the 7th, thanks to an invite to present from Phil Clark. Here’s the summary of the session: Embracing the existing estate and communities What’s already built is a much greater part of our built environment than new development. How […]


twitterature, originally uploaded by eversion. If Hemingway were alive today I’m sure he’d approve. Small but perfectly formed twitterature, delivered in short bursts to your mobile for free by Rod

quality of the silence

Radio 3 interviews are ripe for the picking of architectural metaphors. In the time honoured blogging tradition of curating x and pointing out that it’s a bit like y, here’s a quote from Booker Prize winning author Anne Enright that got me thinking about spatial comparisons and architectural narratives (my emphasis). A short story is […]

Ecobuild 2008 notes

Ecobuild 2008 notes

Despite booking my tickets late, the session on reducing carbon emissions in existing housing was one of the few that still had some places. A few days later, when the proceedings were kicked off by Alan Simpson MP, there were still some empty chairs. Perhaps, I twittered, refurbishment work just isn’t glamorous enough. If that’s […]