Building Acoustics

John Cale on Radio 4 this morning, talking about the sound of John Taverner; …I realised that I wasn’t just listening to the music; I was listening to the sound of the building… Beautiful. The piece he chose was ‘Song for Athene’.


Lifted this recipe from everything2 on Tuesday. Visit the site and do a search for pancakes to see the rest of the write up; it puts forward a pretty convincing case for the delight of making things for yourself. Put down that packet mix and get out the mixing bowl. 3 Tsp butter, melted 1 […]

Foot Where?

At the climbing wall this evening. Chalk from my fingers infiltrating my PDA, each letter taking three attempts to write – my tendons sluggish from the lactic acid pouring into my forearms. A single missing trainer/sneaker/pump/dap1 meant I had to retreat to the resin rockface instead of my usual Thursday night trip to the Fencing […]

Going green

Today’s the day I start shopping here, instead of here. Wish me luck.


I’ve got you in the palm of my hand. I resurrected my old Handspring Visor today to use for this journal. Speeding between stations (when the doors aren’t jammed), I scrawl the strange symbols that represent letters.

Grey album mp3

You should all go here:

Seen from the window of the tram this morning – must investigate further.