It will find you brooding

One of the problems/benefits of being who I am and doing what I do is that it effects the way I think about everything. Every space turns into a floor plan in my mind and every city becomes a scale model to pick up and turn over in my hands. I dream in exploded axonometric […]

Rationalist Annual

I bought this a few years ago and then promptly forgot about it until this evening when I walked past my book shelf. I turned to the essay with the most promising title – Aesthetic Experience and the Problem of Evil by Margaret Knight – and found this: The basic principle of ethics states that […]

Vonnegut and Dostoevsky

If the Hitch Hiker’s Guide taught me how to read, then Slaughterhouse 5 taught me what to read. In it one of the characters says, Everything you need to know about life can be found in The Brothers Karamazov; I tried it, he was right. Vonnegut’s interest in Dostoevsky still shows itself in a recent […]

Bath Street books

Treat this post as an advert. Yesterday I returned, for the first time in years, to a bookshop on Bath Street in Wolverhampton (in between the brewery and West Park). In the space of a few minutes I found three great books, purchased two and (being £1 short) had the third saved for me until […]

toss your salad

I’m missing my daily reading slot now that I’ve started driving to work instead of taking the tram. However, Radio 4 is providing an adequate substitute as I drive along the M6 hoping not to get stuck in a jam. This week’s Start the Week program had some fascinating guests on it. Two of which […]

Eats, Shoots and Posts

As promised, I posted my copy of Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss to Joel over at today. It’s a great book. I enjoyed reading it and finally learnt how to use a semi-colon properly. This may not sound like a big issue, but as Truss points out in the book, I fall […]