Day 24

Architectural Advent day 24: I saved the most fitting sheet of Letraset till last. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone, I’ll see you in 2007. A quick recap: Letraset 1982 Rietveld Chair dimensions Letraset 1966 Passive solar glazing Driftwood Ergonomics The Machine at MOMA Letraset 1966 – 2 Planning Process Farrell Grimshaw […]

Living Bath

Architectural Advent day 20: From The Bathroom by Alexander Kira – The Living Bath: A fascinating book of extensive research on bathroom use. Although admittedly we mostly only reach for it these days when feeling the need to impress in students the value of good ergonomic/psychological analysis. I spared you from the in depth exploratory […]

Letraset 1982

Architectural Advent Day 17: On yer bike.

AR Covers: 1960s

Architectural Advent day 14: The changing face of Architectural Review magazine – batch 1: the 1960s.

letraset love

Architectural Advent day 13: Romance, courting, marriage, old age. All in one Letraset sheet. Now that’s value for money. Note to self: when wearing a sweater jauntily over your shoulders, always hook your thumb over the top your belt.

Letraset 19??

Architectural Advent Day 10: Party people. Partying. Not sure about the date on this one, but it has a certain Abigail’s Party quality to it that suggests the late 70s. Check out the lecherous dude in the centre and the girl to his right who seems to be smiling with relief now that he’s heading […]

In full swing

Architectural Advent Day 8: I’ve got some serious catching up to do after spending the weekend in Dublin – will start with an easy one: more 1966 Letraset…

improve your grip

Architectural Advent Day 5: Lessons in ergonomics for product design students… Step 1: Visit your local bookshop and purchase as many books on ergonomics as possible. Step 2: Take books to somewhere relaxing, such as your nearest beach. Step 3: Collect driftwood found on the shoreline and buy some matches. Step 4: Light fire with […]

Letraset 1966

Architectural Advent Day 3: Letraset People 1966.

Rietveld instructions

Architectural Advent Day 2: Photo and dimensions – make your own piece of Rietveld furniture. From a 1960s study of the chair collection at Delft University (I think).