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Category Archives: housing

Facing up


Facing up, originally uploaded by eversion. There’s something very satisfying about the way this building keeps facing you as you round the bend. Successfully enfronting the site I think Charles Moore would say. update: Yep, enfronting it is: I should get this out of my system. It must be getting quite dull, all this relentless […]

YouCanPlan – BIM and Social Media


I hinted at one the projects I’ve been working on in a recent post and followed it up with a presentation at Ecobuild. The full write up is on the new BSD blog and images available at Slideshare, but I should offer an excerpt and some further notes here. represents my first attempt to […]

a landscape problem


Happy birthday blog, you just turned 5 years old. Here’s an interesting article on static caravan parks: Trailers have long interested Morrish. He likes the simplicity of long, narrow, free-standing structures. Light and breezes come in from either side. If ceilings are pushed to 10 feet or higher, small rooms can feel much larger. And […]

Updike on houses


The dwelling places of Europe have an air of inheritance, or cumulative possession—a hive occupied by generations of bees. In America, the houses seem privately ours, even when we have not built them up, in pine two-by-fours and four-by-eight-foot sheets of plywood, from a poured-concrete foundation. Houses are, as Newland Archer sensed, our fate. The […]

urban design, web 2 and the orgasm


*UPDATE: for those viewing in RSS, click through to the site for the video as it may not appear in your reader* The Pecha Kucha presentations from last week’s be2camp are now available in both slide and video. The guy who wanders on screen in the eighth minute with a beer in his hand is […]

Show Us A Better Way


Having just been dubbed a social media architect, I’d better keep up appearances with a post highlighting the voting going on at Show Us A Better Way. It’s a government funded initiative seeking to invest in the most worthy web2 widget. From the site: This is a competition about information, about communication and above all […]



I’ll be parachuting into the capital on Friday to take part in the first be2camp unconference. I’m really looking forward to being able to properly announce one of my latest projects: YouCanPlan Lozells. A few weeks ago, Birmingham City Council put out an invitation to tender for an extremely innovative and ambitious proposal that would […]

Rehoused – part 4


Time to put my money where my mouth is, as they say. Here’s the fourth and concluding part of the ‘architecture re-housed’ trilogy – photos of the completed houses. Of course, although I’ve been quoted on the Building web site this week about the need to focus on existing housing, that doesn’t mean I’m not […]

compact family home


Richard Horden in BD on the development (2 years on) of his micro compact home: Horden is now working on the family compact home, where kids have their own cube. ‘I’m constantly coming up with variants,’ he says. ‘Next is a low-carbon version. It could be built like a car on a production line, but […]



I’ll be attending Think 08 next week and taking part in the session at 4:30pm on the 7th, thanks to an invite to present from Phil Clark. Here’s the summary of the session: Embracing the existing estate and communities What’s already built is a much greater part of our built environment than new development. How […]