So phooey to that!

Anish Kapoor: I loathe making anything practical whatsoever. The funny thing about art is that it’s useless. It doesn’t do anything. That’s very important, ha, ha!… …that’s your fantasy; that artists need to be dark and brooding…the artist as a romantic figure who is somewhat bohemian. Crap, crap, crap! I’m not bohemian; I’m terribly ordinary. […]

non attachment

posted by Swarm in a discussion. Detached and unattached imply that one is disconnected, not a part of, disengaged or uncommitted. Enlightenment comes through a process of paying attention, deep commitment and insight into our interconnectedness. Non attachment is not clinging to the passage of emotions (or whatever) as it arises and then falls […]


ahem…of course if you use each image twice for am and pm, you’d only need half as many photos – but where’s the fun in that?

start stopped clock

I’ve had an idea. First I went here and then I visited, then I remembered Then I thought, what if you took a picture of all the stopped clocks in the world and built up a bank of photographs that catalogued all the minutes in the day? Each of the clocks could live […]

Flash Mob

As promised on August 7, 2003, the following write up is the result of my participation in the flash mob that took place in Birmingham (UK) later that month. Upon arriving at the location specified in the first set of instructions, we were handed a piece of paper. On it were the following directions: Let’s […]

Building Acoustics

John Cale on Radio 4 this morning, talking about the sound of John Taverner; …I realised that I wasn’t just listening to the music; I was listening to the sound of the building… Beautiful. The piece he chose was ‘Song for Athene’.