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New Small Cullen


Taking the time to write something considered and share it online is not easy, so getting reminded why it’s worth it is always welcome.  I’ve certainly appreciated all the supportive comments about my first submission to the housing blog over at and much more importantly I’ve learnt lots in return from people sending links […]

for our pleasure and interest


Blogging like it’s 2004. That’s the answer it seems. In which case I should return to my habit of just lazily scanning cool stuff and putting it on flickr. So, for no better reason than a desire to share some beautiful illustrations, I give you the 1961 Ladybird guide to London: The authorities of the […]

data landscape


Question answered: cityofsound says: It was a conversation between Matt Jones and I, wherein he sketched out his idea (using your notebook it would seem) about a kind of perspectival layered data landscape, building up from Dopplr and related web services – in the manner of the classic New Yorker cover on ‘the x view […]

There & Here


I’ve been itching to tell you about this for months, ever since Matt last put me up for the night at Hotel Webb and gave me a sneak preview. The other half of the ever-inspirational Schulze & Webb has published the results of his Bendy Maps research and the finished product is even more beautiful […]

Moore AD covers


I found another one… Po-mo blast off! Inside, Charles Moore reviews Jenck’s ‘The Language of Post-Modern Architecture’: Whatever it’s called, it is probably more useful to to consider how to do it. Here I think Jencks prescription for a ‘radical eclecticism’ is incomplete. His concept of ‘multivalence’ seems to be entirely to do with architecture […]

AD covers from the 1970s


Provided mostly as a supplement to the latest post by The Sesquipedalist, I’ve dug out some old cover images from AD magazine in the 70s. Much better qualified to explain the history of architectural journalism than I, The Sesquipedalist sets the scene: During the “book business model” of the ’70s, where the magazine almost completely […]

clip round the ear


A timely post from the Staufenberger Repository on clip art as I prepare my Powerpoint for next week: Includes an outrageous comment from me suggesting that my old letraset uploads were without precedent. In fact, the very opposite is true. Patrick sent over the direct links for each of these fine collections: […]

crossing streams


Some work on a lecture I recently gave about Secured by Design (more on that coming up) produced a spin-off diagram worth sharing. Unashamedly following the Indexed model (what’s the formal name for this diagram type?), it pitches three elements of urban design (accommodation, people, transport) against each other and marks intersections, inputs and outputs. […]

Euroclad 2007


A quick note to point out that the brief for this year’s Euroclad competition has been launched. Last year was Brighton, this year your site visit will take you to the moon.

tools of the trade


It’ll be a sad day here at no2self when I’ve finally made my way through all the shelves and boxes at the office and uncovered all the gems worth sharing with you. I suspect I’ve got some way to go yet though. A special issue of the AJ from December 1986 called Drawing the Line […]