medallion man

Al says: No success in the President’s medal I’m afraid, I made it to the final shortlist of 95 but here’s who won: Some good work, well deserved I think! Al

Saw this and thought of you,

The West Midlands car modding fraternity has a lot to learn from their peers over in japan; where class and subtlety is no longer an issue, the japanese seem to win. classy?

Dear Rob,

This is just a short note to let you know I am rather busy at the moment, and although I would like to spend more time amusing you, for now you will have to make do with something amusing I made for you(although I know you already have it.) tata!

stepping aside

Dear no, too self We’ve been expecting too much of each other of late, I think we need to take a break. No, wait, don’t get upset. It’s not about you, it’s me, it’s my fault. I’ve promised you so much and let you down so often. You deserve better. I think we need to […]

test number 2

Test to see if it posts html properly.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: #first_mobile_test_post.txt Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 16:52:58 +0000 Ignore me, I’m noodling about with an e-mail to entry option using blosmail:… If this works I’ll be able to mail stuff onto the blog.