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Fabjectory Have your electronic characters made into incredibly detailed, full color, real-life statuettes. (via (tags: 3d sculpture make) linklog

To Helvetica and Back – FontShop News ‘…But Helv isn’t always the right sans for the job. This week on the FontFeed we offer 13 alternatives to Helvetica…’ (via Dan Hill) (tags: design fonts typography) linklog

A map of things kind of related to comics ‘We were debating whether it was totalising or not and so to demonstrate an alternative scheme, we used comics at the centre of a Greimas semantic rectangle.’ – Schulze and Webb blazing an intellectual/playful trail so bright it hurts my eyes. Beautiful. (tags: comics diagram semantics […] linklog

Cambridge Journals Online – arq: Architectural Research Quarterly ‘…arq acts as an international forum for practitioners and academics by publishing cutting-edge work covering all aspects of architectural endeavour…’ (logged because I just noticed the RSS feed for article titles) (tags: architecture magazine pdf rss journal) linklog

Program | Situated Technologies Podcasts of recent Architecture and Situated Technologies symposium (tags: architecture technology podcast) linklog

Submit Response » Separated At Birth – Hyundai + Gazprom From the traffic jam I was stuck in at the start of the day, to my mobile, into Twitter, on to Jack, onto his blog, back to me in my RSS feed, on to my linklog, to my blog at the end of the […] linklog

EcoCentric Electrisave monitor ‘…Designed for use in the home or small office, the Electrisave shows you how much electricity you’re using at any one time…’ (tags: environment home) linklog

Archinect : Features : Architecture’s Second Life ‘…When it comes down to it, from an architectural perspective, Second Life just sort of replicates suburbia…’ I’m slightly embarrassed that the only thing that’s prevented me from making some spaces in SL is that I’m too mean to pay for the land. (tags: architecture gaming software virtual) […] linklog

MailBucket ‘…a public email-to-RSS gateway: forward your email to and have your news reader pick it up at…' (via (tags: rss tools utility web email) linklog

Clip/Stamp/Fold THE RADICAL ARCHITECTURE OF LITTLE MAGAZINES 196X–197X (via via (tags: architecture art design magazine history)